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Modular Systems

RJ45 and GG45 Modular Systems

The RJ45 connector today posseses the highest distribution of all data connectors on and is used in the connection area of end devices, as well as patching of patch panels and the floor cabling.

The RJ45 and GG45 modules from TKM enable toolless installation - saving you time and reducing possible assembly errors. With the angled RJ45 modules, TKM makes it possible to save horizontal patch panels and thus achieve a higher density in your cabinets.

 Modular systemsKeystone (System)GG45 (System)
Module typeRJ-MOD shieldedRJ-MOD unshieldedRJ-MOD shieldedAdaptor  ModuleGG45, Cat.7GG45, Cat.7A
RJ45, Cat.6RJ45, Cat.6RJ45, Cat.6ΑALL IN ONE

19" Patch Panel
1HE  / 1.5HE

Modular  Patch Panel

Data Oulets
1 to 3xRJ45

Floor Outlet System



Accessories for modular systems

Cable Management

Data Outlets

Module Carrier DIN-Rail

Blind Plate

Surface Housing