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Fibre Optics - Patch cables

Available as singlemode patch cords or multimode patch cords, TKM fibre patch cords provide solutions for all fiber optic applications in structured cabling. Optimally tailored to customer requirements, the fiber optic patch cords are available in any length and in different fibres such as OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, and OS2 and are available as "low bend fiber".

Quality made in Germany
The fibre optic patch cords are assembled in Germany and machine polished. This is followed by a visual check of the connector surface of each connector at 400x magnification. In addition, the insertion loss of each connector is measured, and the corresponding measurement protocol is attached to the fiber optic patch cable.

The TKM fiber optic patch cords comply with ISO / IEC 11801 or DIN EN 50173. The cables are low-smoke according to IEC 61034, halogen-free and flame-retardant.

This is how TKM guarantees you a high degree of investment security. Find out more about the TKM Group's 25 years of optiLAN warranty.

62,5/125µ50/125µ9/125µ (G652.D)9/125µ (G657.A lowbend)
OM1OM2OM3 lowbendOM4 lowbendOS2OS2
SC8° / SC9°
LC / LC push pull
E2000 APC8°
FC / FC8°

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