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The optiLAN guarantee

Our modern, automated production and continuous electrical and optical quality tests assure an optimal production result of all components coordinated with one another. All products have been designed in such a way that they are robust in their application and assembly-friendly so that they allow easy and time saving utilization. It is only by this handling that the assured values of the overall system will be achieved. Therefore, a 25-year guarantee is granted on the complete system, provided that installation is made by professional installation companies trained on the system. This assures a high level of investment protection.

The optiLAN guarantee bond

All passive components and utilized or recommended installation cables produced by TKM are given a 25-year function guarantee.

In tertiary cabling, function guarantee includes:

  • Category-properties according to EN 50172 or ISO/IEC 11801
  • The mating cycles tested in the wear area by socket and plug suppliers
  • Contact properties of the insulation displacement contacts
  • Link performance according to the above-mentioned standards for the tertiary area (copper cables are released by TKM.)

In case of secondary and primary cabling:

·         Link performances for the secondary and primary area (fibre optic cables) are guaranteed by the assured properties of cables and component suppliers.

·         Each fibre is measured by means of a comprehensible and secured measurement documentation and recorded for the customer’s use. A professional installation (by verifiably trained specialists) according to the TKM assembly instructions and the latest optiLAN direction is a precondition for the optiLAN guarantee. 

Investment protection for our customers’ benefit

The optiLAN cabling system provides customers with a long-term investment protection for their networks. This assures covering of continuously growing data rates and the related growing transmission rate over a period of 25 years by existing network structures. Already today, 1-Gigabit-Ethernet (1GbE) is nothing unusual. New network structures under construction today must cope with 10GbE whilst further considerations at IEEE even aspire to 40GbE or 100GbE.

Already in 1994, TKM took account of these considerations and launched the “optiLAN cabling concept”. This concept corresponded to the classes D (Category 5, 5e) and E (Category 6 de) standardization relevant at that time, while today, it meets the draft standard demands of classes EA (Category 6A) and F (Category 7) and will be applicable for classes FA (Category 7, 8) and beyond in future.

The optiLAN concept

  • Optimal price-performance ratio
  • Passive, shielded "Category" components
  • Technically sophisticated products
  • International standards: EN 50173, ISO/IEC 11801

As this concept is based on a structured, universal cabling according to currently valid standards and/or draft standards, data and communication networks become future-proof by means of technically sophisticated, passive and shielded Category products, as they are designed with high investment protection and at an optimal price-performance ratio. 

Tertiary cabling (copper cables)

Highly shielded, assembly-friendly RJ45 components developed by TKM fulfill EN 50173, ISO/IEC 11801 requirements and all EIA/TIA 568 values. Often, due to reserve capacities, they even exceed these values. When standard terms and values relevant for design states are applied, products used by TKM are at least marked in the current data sheets. Already today, 10GbE transmissions can be guaranteed when using high-quality data cables (e.g. TKM DK10, 1000 MHz). 

Secondary and primary cabling
(fibre optic cable)

All components are state of the art. The used FO plug components and FO cables of different brand producers have been optimally coordinated, so that the maximum lengths required under the DIN EN 50173 standard can be met with system reserves.