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Inside TKM – A Company Insight

The two-and-a-half-minute film provides insights into the company TKM, its processes as well as TKM’s development and production processes. With nearly three decades of market experience, TKM has a complete product portfolio for building and data center network cabling. As a medium-sized family-owned business based in Mönchengladbach, we serve customers all over Europe and beyond. In addition to the development and production of data connection technology from the TKM company, we also use the TKM group to carry out projects dealing with:

·         Performance testing of networks for industrial customers,
·         Illumination and the construction of WLAN structures,
·         Consultation, design and planning services of data center projects

Customer ideas are absorbed by our sales and implemented internally in design proposals. At this point, we are working with tools such as CREO 3 from PTC. After successful release for serial fabrication we transfer the new products into serial production and with the help of our fully digital storage system each delivery will be delivered to our customers in a timely and reliable manner.
Fibre Optic products and our manufacturing environment
At TKM thousands of fibre optic connectors are used every day for various common fibre optic products such as:

·         Patch cords in LC, SC and E2000
·         Fibre optic trunk systems with up to 144 fibres
·         Glass fibre connection boxes for outdoor and indoor use
·         Splice boxes and modular distribution panels in cassettes

At TKM traceability is given a capital T: cables from special product families are given a serial number as well as the following:

·         Batch number of supplement components, e.g. connectors, adhesives, etc.
·         Measured values and
·         Production-related data, e.g. workplace and worker
Together with our team at TKM, we manufacture and supply well-known enterprises in the field of telecommunications as well as network operators with signal monitoring components, so-called splitter or TAP modules. These are used, amongst other things, for real-time signal quality tests, typically between a switch and a server. In this area the products of TKM are designed for a very high packing density and are with up to 168 fibres on a rack unit (RU) outstanding. For the merger of fusion splices, TKM produces the so-called crimp splice protection element (SSE) as a market leader in accordance with certified guidelines from Deutsche Telekom. As a leading manufacturer, we produce about 10 million copies per year.
Whether as a customer or interested person in search of a new job challenge, you are very welcome to look "behind the scenes" of the TKM world!