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About Us 

Being a company with international focus, TKM GmbH has been dealing with data and communication networks since its foundation in 1986, with so called “structured cabling” being installed in enterprise, data centre, industry and carrier networks. The company operates its own development department and is a leading technology vendor. All passive components are from their own production and are used in numerous network installations as system or individual solutions.


The advantages for specific types of networks are obvious: the installation time is reduced to a minimum, definetely minimisation of labour costs during the installation sequence, incredibly space-saving and high performance products.


Product Range

TKM provides a complete product range for the entire copper and fiber optic network connectivity. When using fusion splices, we recommend products such as the Deutsche Telekom-approved crimp splice protection element (according to TS 0338/96) the splice set consisting of inserted pigtails available with Huber Suhner connectors assembled in Moenchengladbach and enclosed splice protection elements.