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FUTURE-PATCH® is an integral part of modern AIM systems

FUTURE-PATCH®  enables network operators to document patch field assignments in real time, plan patches and visually control them. Bright minds find new ways and increase security with DCIM hardware!

Ideal for retrofitting existing networks and DCIM solutions


Operators of networks without DCIM often face the same problem: The structure of the network and of the patch fields has grown over the years. Documentation, if any, is insufficient. The physical access to the computing units without DCIM is chaotic. However, data is a digital asset and its security is thereby extremely endangered. A risk that only a few are aware of.


FUTURE-PATCH® is the intelligent DCIM patching management system that permanently organizes the network chaos

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FUTURE-PATCH® uses contactless RFID technology in the DCIM hardware, a radio technology for localization and identification. FUTURE-PATCH® can be easily retrofitted for almost all passive (e.g. patch panels) and active (e.g. switches, routers, servers) network components. It can be employed with an established copper, modern fiber network or within mixed environments. The DCIM combination with the FUTURE-PATCH® MANAGEMENT CONSOLE provides the ability to issue new patch requirements, real time monitor existing patches, and document the company's entire patching process. Accordingly a previously unknown transparency in the network structure and the integration into existing DCIM systems.



  • Increased IT security through online documentation
  • Enhanced intrinsic value of the network
  • Increased efficiency of IT staff
  • Cost reduction of staff and downtime


Standardization DCIM/AIM

In 2011, the international standards body ISO/IEC initiated the standardization of Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) for application-neutral IT cabling structures. The DKE/GAK 715.3.8 AIM work group was started by the German Commission for Electrical Engineering within the framework of European standardization through CENELEC in 2012. FUTURE-PATCH® significantly meets the requirements laid down therein. Our collaboration in the German body assures that all international standardization results are integrated into FUTURE-PATCH® development.