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Fibre optics configuration easily done

Trunk cables are used among others in data centres, building cabling and campus cabling, because they are delivered ready to move in completely, saving time and costs on site. The fibre optic trunk cable systems with up to 144 fibres allow a high packing density. Because of the plug&play principle you don´t need expert staff or special tools. The trunk cables achieve a direct connection  without any interface (as for example in the MPO-technic), so that a low-lost connection is possible.

With the Cable configurator for fibre optic trunk cable you are able to assemble your individual trunk cable:

  • Type of fibre (Multimode or Singlemode)
  • Connector A (1st  Side of connector)
  • Connector B (2nd  Side of connector)
  • Miscellaneous (for example cable labeling)
  • Fibre (Quantity of fibres – up to 144)
  • Type of cable (z. B. 12G50/125 OM3 ...)
  • Total length (Requirement cable lenght between trunk cable or total length optionally)

Please enter your desired parameters via the dop-down menus and you will recieve the information, whether the cable material for assembling is at warehouse immediately. Besides the article number is generated so that you can get a specific offer directly.
Hint: the configurator is an exe.file. The security settings on your computer can cause the confirmation of execution explicitly.

We offer the configurator just in german at the moment.

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